Strong Men Stay Young Review

By Carolyn Hansen
Standard Price $47

Got your reading glasses on? Good, because as today I’m looking into Strong Men Stay Young. It costs $47, and can be bought directly from the publisher at

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OK, so the first thing you should do when evaluating any product is to check out the website. What’s the first impression you get from the author? Do they look like like someone you can trust? Strong Men Stay Young describes itself as:

The 30-day quick start action plan for “red-blooded” men

You can read the full details on their website here: or just have a quick look at this summary of the product’s primary selling points:
  • Discover why you should regard the age of 65 years as your “mid-life” point and realistically strive to live to twice that age
  • How to prepare a dinner packed with lean protein and the only kind of carbohydrates that I personally would put on my plate!
  • Why your immune system, and by extension your life expectancy, depends so critically on carrying muscle tissue into old age
  • Why you should regard the age of 65 years as your “mid-life” point and realistically strive to live to twice that age
  • Why your self-confidence, brain-power, and memory are taking almost as big a hit as your rapidly disappearing libido
  • How to combine pea protein powder, kale, frozen berries and a nut milk to create the breakfast smoothie of champions
  • Do you find yourself going through periods of DEPRESSION, seemingly without good reason, when you never did before?
  • Why your health is like a bank account that most men mistakingly think they can draw upon with serious consequences
  • Why some of the toughest hombres in the world (think special forces) favor bodyweight techniques over all others
  • Are you ready to accept the FRIGHTENING idea that the good times in your life are now behind you – for good?

How to purchase

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