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Well, today I’m looking at See Your Abs. It costs USD9, and can be purchased directly from the publisher at

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OK, you should always start a product evaluation by checking out the website. What’s the first impression you get from the writer? Do they look like like someone you can trust? This product describes itself as:

This one is definitely for the guys (and a problem I know all too well). The problem of chest fat is extremely embarrassing for most men and is a strong indication that you are aromatizing testosterone into estrogen. This leads to the development of “man boobies” and this can have a serious impact on your self esteem. Most guys tackle the problem the wrong way by simply training their chest more often. The correct approach is through the use of natural “flavenoids” found in everyday foods. When used properly these nutrients can prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Once the fat is gone you can then go about training your chest using this 4 week chest specialization program that create the solid pecs that look great in your tight fitting tees or when you are enjoying a day in the sun.

You can read the entire thing on the site here: or just have a quick look at this summary of the product’s primary selling points:
  • Discover the common food based enzyme that removes gas and bloating while helping you eliminate trapped, undigested food causing your belly to bloat, stick out and ruin your shape.
  • This water manipulation trick will improve definition in your midsection making it appear as if you have lost 10, 20 pounds or more in just days.
  • There is a simple and fast remedy for quickly eliminating this embarrassing problem using nothing more than 2 foods and tap water.
  • Reduce or remove food sensitivities that are increasing your stress and cortisol levels causing an increase in belly fat.
  • Strategically releases your body’s natural belly fat burning hormones while improving abdominal tone and definition.
  • Legitimately “spot target” the stubborn fat covering your abs using one specific fat mobilizing exercise method.
  • Day By Day Nutrition Instruction That Makes The Diet Super Simple
  • The Most Effective Bodyweight Ab Exercises That Burn Fat Quickly
  • Exercise Instruction To Teach You Proper Form & Execution
  • Increased energy and bowel regularity

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