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Got your reading glasses on? Good, because as today I’m looking into OCD Rescue. It costs $97, and can be bought directly from the publisher at http://ocdrescue.com/.

Just before I get started, please note that I have an affiliate marketing connection to the product author – once you click through to their website by way of any of the hyperlinks on this article I receive a commission if you buy. That being said, I will submit any comments on the product (whether positive or negative) since I want to find out which are the good products in order to recommend those ones. I prefer to obtain commission through the great products than the poor ones. So you can rest assured that despite the fact that I have a relationship while using the publisher, I don’t let it prejudice me by any means. In addition , it ensures that I’m able to offer you a purchase bonus and reimbursement walk-through assurance (see my offer towards the bottom of the review). However, if you nonetheless want to use a standard link then simply check out http://ocdrescue.com/.

Now then, so the first thing you should do when evaluating any product is to check out the website. What’s the feel you get from the writer? Could they be like someone you can trust? OCD Rescue describes itself as:

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) CAN be overcome. Learn more about how the OCD Rescue Program can help YOU live better and get your FREE email seminar!

You can read the entire thing on their website here: ocdrescue.com or just have a quick look at this summary of the product’s main selling points:
  • Do you ever get afraid that you’re going to act out in an embarrassing or socially inappropriate way such as by suddenly shouting obscenities or doing something that goes against your morals and values?
  • Is collecting or hoarding a problem in your life or do you struggle with other obsessive and compulsive disorders such as hair pulling (trichotillomania), Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), or hypochondria?
  • Do the research yourself and see how widely recommended the program is, read what others think about it, and then decide for yourself. I’m convinced that if you do your homework, the choice is obvious.
  • There’s no new age mumbo jumbo, hypnosis, or ridiculous exercises to do, just advanced and cutting edge methods that worked for me and many others, and I think you’ll find can work for you too.
  • The simple 4-step technique that my own experience has shown can bring even extreme anxiety to a grinding halt. You’ll learn it in about 15 minutes and can have the knowledge for a lifetime.
  • Do you feel drawn to repeatedly check things such as door locks or appliances because you doubt yourself? Do you ever find yourself checking to make sure you didn’t hurt someone?
  • You can use and evaluate The OCD Rescue Program for a full 60 days and THEN decide what you think. If you don’t LOVE IT, you won’t pay for it, it’s that simple.
  • Are you overly focused on things like dirt or germs or other kinds of contamination that leads to compulsive cleansing such as frequent hand-washing or sanitizing?
  • Do you frequently feel like you must perform tasks or rituals “correctly” such as in a certain order, a certain number of times, or with perfect symmetry?
  • How to stop doing the things that could be making your OCD worse – you’re probably not even aware of what you’re doing wrong!

How to purchase

I do not sell the product directly – you buy it from the publisher’s homepage. If you now click through to their website you should find a ‘buy now’ link. Often it can take a bit of searching to find! Sometimes the price will have changed since I wrote this review, but it shouldn’t be vastly different. Sometimes you will also see a more expensive version of the product being offered (although again this might have changed since the review). If you see an upgrade on sale you may well want to purchase that one instead.

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