Homemade Strength Review

By Jedediah Johnson
Website http://www.homemadestrength.com/homemadegrip.htm
Standard Price $19.99

Got your reading glasses on? Good, because as today I’m looking into Homemade Strength. It costs $19.99, and can be bought directly from the publisher at http://www.homemadestrength.com/homemadegrip.htm.

Before I get rolling, you should be aware that I do have an affiliate connection to the product publisher – when you click through to their website by way of any of the links on this page I get a commission in the event that you purchase. However, I will submit any comments on the merchandise (positive or negative) for the reason that I want to discover which are the stellar products in order to recommend those ones. I prefer to obtain commission through the excellent products than the poor ones. So please rest assured that even though I have a relationship with the publisher, I would not allow it to bias me at all. It also implies that I can offer you a purchase reward and refund guide assurance (look at my offer towards the bottom of the review). If you still want to use a standard link then please click http://www.homemadestrength.com/homemadegrip.htm.

OK, so the first thing you should do when evaluating any product is to check out the website. What’s the first impression you get from the writer? Could they be like someone you would trust? This product describes itself as:

The SECRET WEAPON for lifting heavier weights, building bigger muscle and being more athletic …REVEALED!

You can read the full details on their website here: homemadestrength.com or just have a quick look at this summary of the product’s main selling points:
  • I no longer needed straps for Pull-ups, Pull-downs, Seated Cable Rows, and other pulling movements
  • Do you ever find it hard to finish a set because your hands give out
  • Did a One Arm DB Snatch with a 150 lb Dumbbell with NO HOOK GRIP!
  • My Seated Dumbbell Curl went from about 60-65 lbs to 85 lbs
  • Do you ever have trouble holding onto the bar for pull-ups

Your next steps in buying

I do not sell the product directly – you buy it from the publisher’s homepage. So in order to buy at the standard price of $19.99, you should click through and look for a link to buy. It may be that the price has changed since I wrote this review, but it shouldn’t be vastly different. Sometimes you could also see a ‘deluxe’ version of the product on sale (although again this could have changed since the review). If you see an upgrade on sale you may well want to purchase that one instead.

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