Ejaculation Guru Review

By David Messent
Website http://www.ejaculationguru.com/video/index.php
Standard Price $49

Got your reading glasses on? Good, because as today I’m looking into Ejaculation Guru. It costs $49, and can be purchased directly from the publisher at http://www.ejaculationguru.com/video/index.php.

Just before I get going, please note that I have an affiliate marketing connection with the product writer – whenever you click through to their internet site through any of the links on this web page I get a percentage in the event that you buy. That being said, I will publish any remarks on the product (whether positive or negative) simply because I want to discover which are the stellar products in order to recommend those ones. I prefer to obtain commission from the excellent products than the poor ones. So please feel comfortable knowing that though I have a connection with the publisher, I do not let it bias me by any means. Additionally , it means that I’m able to offer you a purchase reward and refund guide guarantee (see my offer at the bottom of the article). If you nevertheless like to use a standard link then please check out http://www.ejaculationguru.com/video/index.php.

Right, you should always start a product evaluation by checking out the author’s site. What’s the feel you get from the writer? Could they be like someone you can trust? Ejaculation Guru describes itself as:

Weird new discovery of how to last longer in bed

You can read the full details on their website here: ejaculationguru.com or just have a quick look at this summary of the product’s plus points:
  • There is a way to identify that you are about to ejaculate much earlier than you’re probably used to. If you know this then you can save yourself from that embarrassing moment – p36
  • There are a lot of misconceptions going around involving sex. You’ll learn what few men realize is the ultimate thrill for her and makes lasting for hours easy as anything – p75
  • Use a cunning method with which you can change the pattern of the thoughts that run through your head before sex, so the rest of your body runs like a pornstar – p27
  • Taking control of your body can unlock so much potential in the bedroom. Discover the secret muscle, which when relaxed can more than triple how long you last – p54
  • How to perfectly execute a position change to beat premature ejaculation before it comes and have her not even realize that’s why you went for the position change!
  • My acclaimed “Master Oral Sex Formula” that can be used by anyone to go from clueless at giving oral sex, to triple black belt master of delivering insane pleasure
  • Failed before at making changes in life? The unique approach to goal setting overlooked by most gurus and essential to mastering premature ejaculation – p13
  • The secret to failing successfully. You will probably ejaculate prematurely once or twice, but if you know this secret you can ride it out smoothly – p33
  • The mindset of all top oral sex masters, which turns hopeless oral sex givers into one of the few men who know the secrets of giving intense orgasms.
  • The 3 most effective pleasuring methods for oral sex and how to vary them so you have an almost infinite combination of ways to give pleasure

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