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OK, you should always start a product evaluation by checking out the website. What’s the feel you get from the writer? Do they look like like someone you would trust? This product describes itself as:

Back when I was going to the Alberta College of Art and Design I came up with a performance that challenged the concept of identity to a definite extreme. Its aim: to create a character who would nullify all the excuses that people make for themselves, so they don’t have to take responsibility for their own lives. I got very passionate about this character that I had created and embodied because it seemed to be beaming with potential. My passion for the performance quickly, lead to my expulsion. Part of the reason why I got kicked out was because I was also taking incredible amounts of LSD in oder to ‘fulfill’ the role. So, in the process of being expelled i was put on anti-psychotics because they said it would help balance my serotonin levels which could have been affected by the excessive LSD. I agreed because I was curious to see what the process would be like, mostly because they said it would help deal with the growing sense of pointlessness that hit me when my dream ‘save’ humanity through art was crushed by the expulsion.

You can read the entire thing on their website here: or just have a quick look at this summary of the product’s main selling points:
  • these 3 short audios effoy will effortlessly install the most essential teachings of the ancient sages into your subconscious, so that you can begin to see the world through NEW and FRESH eyes.
  • And many more…I myself have begun working with a few self made millionaires who dominate the field of health and fitness and one of the best dating coaches in the world.
  • X-Rated Files – 2 physical and mental exercises to give you the warrior ability to plow through ANY stress, with the calmness of a buddhist monk ON COMMAND. Value $ 99
  • This is were we ground the overflowing vitality into the body, and use it to leave us with a refreshed feeling as well as stored energy for the rest of the day.
  • This whole module is dedicated to ‘Embracing & Cleansing Heaven & Earth’: the 4th and final exercise that makes up the 5 Minute Energy Hack routine.
  • This whole module is dedicated to ‘Knocking on the Gate of Life’: the 2nd exercise of the 4 that make up the 5 Minute Energy Hack.
  • It is here that the routine hits its climax and you overflow with vitality, witnessing first hand the true power of the routine.
  • In this module you will learn the basics of Qi Gong Unleashing the secret POWER BREATH and understanding the basic stance.
  • In this module you will get the ‘how to feel you Qi’ principles, in order to reap the most benefits out of the practice.
  • ‘Million Dollar’ Qi Gong Posture – Secret posture that eradicates fatigue, strengthens the body and Qi. Value $50

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