8 Week Body Blitz Review

By Jason Grossman
Website http://8weekbodyblitz.com.au
Standard Price AUD69

So, today I’m looking at 8 Week Body Blitz. It costs AUD69, and can be purchased directly from the publisher at http://8weekbodyblitz.com.au.

Just before I get going, take note that I have an affiliate marketing relationship to the product writer – once you click through to their internet site by way of any of the hyperlinks on this article I get a commission in the event that you purchase. That said, I will distribute any remarks on the merchandise (whether positive or negative) because I want to discover which are the outstanding products in order to recommend those. I prefer to receive commission from the great products than the bad ones. So you can feel comfortable knowing that though I have a connection while using publisher, I would not allow it to bias me at all. Additionally , it ensures that I can offer you a purchase reward and refund guide guarantee (look at my offer towards the bottom of the review). However, if you nevertheless like to use a standard link then please check out http://8weekbodyblitz.com.au.

Right, so the first thing you should do when evaluating any product is to check out the website. What’s the first impression you get from the author? Do they seem like someone you can trust? This product describes itself as:

A weight loss system designed to help you lose body fat in eight weeks.

You can read the entire thing on the site here: 8weekbodyblitz.com.au or just have a quick look at this summary of the product’s main selling points:
  • Gives complete access to the Facebook VI Group for additional support and motivation
  • Access to the Full Recipe Library. (Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans)
  • Exclusive Access to the Online Health Retreat with other Program members
  • Access to the Full Exercise Video Library with full visual descriptions
  • Re-assessments regularly including photos, weigh in, and measurements
  • 4 x Bi-weekly Fitness Programs on a 7 day planner with all details
  • 4 x Bi-weekly Meal Plans on a 7 day planner, meal by meal
  • Ongoing Facebook support, motivation and accountability
  • How to Burn more fat while you sleep webinar 
  • Full tracking using networked app for monitoring

How to Buy

I don’t sell this product myself! I’m not the author – all the products on this site can be purchased by clicking through to the publisher’s website So in order to buy at the standard price of AUD69, you should click through and look for a link to buy. Sometimes the price will have changed since I wrote this review, but it shouldn’t be very different. Sometimes you will also see a more expensive version of the product being offered (but this may have changed since the review). If you see one offered you may well want to purchase that one instead.

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